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We are closed for our yearly VACATION STARTING ON AUGUST 1ST and ending on the 20th of August.

All orders completed via our websites during this closed timeframe will be shipped on August 21st when we return.

You can leave a message on our voicemail system and this too will be reviewed when we re-open from our vacation.




You can buy The Famous BevWedgeTray™ to use anywhere in the world, a global use.

 Turn your car seat into a level surface.

It takes the worry out of transporting any to-go drink trays and other items you would not want to tilt or spill during transportation.

   It wedges into most car seats. With its' built up sides and front lip it keeps things from sliding as you turn corners or brake.

It also levels the surface for taking Pizzas or cakes to your place of destination.  

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BevWedgeTray™ Now in Black or white




What else can my BevWedgeTray™ do?


Pizza holder/leveler for the car seat does not let the cheese slide to one side.


bevwedgetray for pizza





Buy Our Famous BevWedgeTray™ it holds Pizza flat on your car seat so the cheese does not slide.



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